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Why Amlaaki ?

  • برنامج أملاكي صمم ليساعدك في أتمتة وإدارة عقاراتك بكل يسر بنسختيه المتقدمة والمبسطة سواء للافراد الغير محاسبين او نسخته المتقدمة للشركات التي لديها دائرة مالية ومحاسبية متخصصة - ويوفر لك الكثير من الخصائص :

  • Supports VAT
  • Amlaki is an integrated administrative and financial management system .
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimit number of users
  • Accounting and financial system and With Reports
  • Integrated SMS message system
  • Keeps up with the latest technologies to manage your real estate business online from anywhere
  • Owners Manage There Porpoerties Online

General accounts and financial statements

The system covers the accounting and financial aspects that are of interest to the companies such as account tree, financial statements, income statements, financial statements, banks, cash flows, check processing, distribution of the covenant and fund, daily restrictions, balance of balances, cost centers, fixed and current assets, calculation of depreciation ratio, net profit and loss statements and closing of the financial year.

Add contracts and collecting of rents

Property Management (Add - Review - Booking - Rental - Cash Sale - Installment - Maintenance - Maintenance Expenses - Installments - Expenses - Income - Entitlement to Real Estate Sale).

Management of residential and commercial complexes

Landlords follow-up - Automatic notification of landlords, tenants and sales premiums in mobile letters - Integrated accounting reports with graphs to see revenues and expenses on the property - Reports that will be resolved on the lease for any period of time - Reports of late tenants whose contracts will expire -

تنبيه هام!

لا نوفر خدمة بيع الرسائل بشكل مباشر، نحن نوفر تقنية الربط مع أحد مزودي الخدمة المرخصين من هيئة الاتصالات

نرتبط ونتكامل معهم

zakat tax and customs authority

Zakat tax and customs authority


pay online gateway

Communication Space and Technology Commission

communication space and technology commission

ministry of commerce

ministry of commerce

Riyadh : 0568862040 - Jeddah : 0566888153 - Dammam : 0568862040 -Online : 0568485189
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